Vaping is the process of heating an e-liquid into vapour then inhaling it.


Yes. There are two types of vaping – Mouth To Lung (MTL) and Direct Lung (DL). MTL vaping is very similar to how you would smoke a cigarette whereas DL resembles shisha smoking.


Vaping is proven to be 95% less harmful than conventional smoking from BMA studies. The NHS supports the use of electronic cigarettes in their quit smoking/STOPTOBER campaigns. With vaping there is no carbon monoxide, tar and second hand smoke within the vapour. Check out our Is It Safe page for more on this subject.


Switching to a vape can save you alot of money. It can work out to be between 50-90% cheaper than cigarette smoking!


There are many reasons you Vape can leak. No
1 being that there is air getting in somewhere so that it’s not air tight. We suggest taking it apart ensuring the coil is screwed in securely and all other parts of your tank are sealed tight. No 2 if your Vape has been left for a long period of time without use. Gravity will eventually take over and as the liquid is sat there it will begin to leak. You should take it apart, give it a clean with some cotton buds or tissue and re assemble. Another reason could be due to warm weather, if your Vape is left in a warm environment its normal for e-liquid to become thin so this will too make it leak. Always keep your E-cig upright in a cool place. If your not going to use it for more than 24hours be sure to empty all eliquid from the tank.


You are inhaling the vapour produced by the heat from your coil. Your eliquid is made up of a mixture containing water, vegetable glycerin (VG), proplyne glycol (PG), artificial and natural flavourings and if you choose to have it, nicotine.


These are the heart and soul of your device. A coil is the heating element of your Vape it heats up your eliquid to create the vapour. The coil draws power for your battery to produce the heat, all coils have recommended wattages/voltages it is always important to stick to the recommendation on the coil. Otherwise you will burn it out resulting in either a nasty taste or it not to work.


Depending on proper usage we would usually say coils last anywhere from 5 to 14 days. This all depends on what type of eliquid you use, the amount you use it and the wattage you have it on. All coils have their own recommended wattage be sure to check this before you use it. Another factor is how much juice you have in your tank. With all coils your eliquid should always be above the wicking holes ensuring it is soaked with liquid at all times.


Priming a coil is basically putting eliquid on the cotton of the coil to ensure it does not burn straight away. To achieve this, you can follow the following simple instructions:

Drip some e-liquid into the holes in the top and the side of the coil, allowing the cotton inside soak it up between drips. Be generous; if there is any excess once the cotton is fully saturated you can simply flick the coil to let it come out.
Refit the coil and fill your tank with vape juice
Allow to sit for a few minutes to soak
Take a few ‘Primer Puffs’ by pulling on the atomiser as if you were vaping but WITHOUT firing the device
If your device has adjustable power, turn it to a low setting and fire it there
Work the power higher at intervals until you are back to your preferred power level
Huzzah, you should now have successfully primed your coil!

If you smoke;
15+ cigarettes a day 18mg of nicotine

15 or less a day 12mg of nicotine

10 or less cigarettes a day 6mg of nicotine

Very light / occasional smoker 3mg of nicotine

If you are nicotine free you should Vape 0mg.

There are a number of reasons for this. The main being that your coil is burnt. First check that your wattage is in the recommended range for that coil. If you’ve have the coil in for a while you will more than likely need to replace it. If your consistently getting a burn taste ensure your priming the coil properly – see above. Or, try taking your tank apart and cleaning it throughly with cotton buds or tissue. This will ensure that any old liquid residue is gone as this can sometimes be the problem! Also make sure to clean out the air holes, all tanks are different but with most a piece of tissue rolled up will be able to do this. If not we recommend getting a needle and doing it this way! That will make sure there’s enough air getting to your coil as this too can cause it burn out.